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Glass Straw: Bubble Tea

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Material: BPA free, nontoxic Colors, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, good for both hot and

cold drinks. Its see-through ability can give visual confidence about the cleanliness.

Temperature resistant -30C to150C


Color: clear

Size: Length 22 cm, Diameter inner/outer

– Smoothies size: 0.8/1.0 cm, available in straight/bent 115THB

– Bubble tea size: 1.2/1.4 cm, only available in straight 125THB

พร้อมแปรง สมูตตี้ 130 พร้อมแปรง บับเบิล 140


This product: Glass Straw: Bubble Tea

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125.00 ฿
Big Cleaning Brush

Big Cleaning brush for Bubble Tea

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