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Ocean-friendly Travel kit

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Ocean-Friendly Travel Kit, by REREEF and Ocean-Friendly Partners

Our ocean-friendly travel kit was developed and put together by ReReef and our partners to promote sustainability and sustainable tourism across the region.

            REREEF  Plastic-free cotton swabs 20 pieces packaged in a push-up paper tube. Double-tipped, flexible paper stick. Made from natural cotton and unbleached paper. 100% biodegradable.

            CHEWW.CO x REREEF  Toothpaste tabs 15 fresh sea salt toothpaste tabs. Packaged with biodegradable desiccant made from clay.

            REREEF  Bamboo toothbrush Made from biodegradable and sustainably-harvested bamboo. Well-designed, with easy-to-grip flat handle.

  • REREEF  Reusable Silicone Straw Made from BPA-free, food grade silicone, temperature resistant -40C to 230C

          REREEF  Reef-safe sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ 40g. For marine activities and everyday use. Non-nano, non-GMO, mineral-based, cruelty-free, locally-developed and manufactured, FDA-approved, with skin nourishing natural ingredients. Active Ingredients: Zinc oxide (non-nano), Titanium dioxide (non-nano). **Free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, Octocrylene, Paraben compound, Tricolosan, Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), and all forms of beads or nanoparticles.

          MORELOOP  Utensil bag Made from high quality cotton fabric. Material was collected from fabric industry surplus and rescued from garment factory scrap piles. Your new product will have been made without adding to natural resource extraction.

ReReef and Ocean-friendly Partners: Practical Solutions for Healthy Planet

REREEF is an Environmental and Sustainability Enterprise headquartered in Thailand and with outreach across Southeast Asia.

REREEF wants to build a business case for sustainability and provide practical solutions for a better environment.  We use the image of the coral reef because it is an iconic ecosystem affected by human-induced climate change and various activities, including sewage disposal, chemical output, waste management, coastal development, and greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to develop practical and affordable eco-products as alternatives to existing ones. We want to develop a platform to empower active citizens to share information on good practices and provide incentives for industry to change their behavior.

REREEF reef-safe sunscreen and bamboo toothbrushes are among a variety of practical solutions we offer. Find out more at


In our efforts to tackle the problem of single-use plastics in our daily life, CHEWW.CO is introducing plastic-free toothpaste tabs to the Thai market. Our highly-diverse team includes five people from different generations and career backgrounds; yet we are aiming to reach a common goal – to take part in a global movement aiming to achieve the sustainable development goals.

CHEWW.CO toothpaste tabs are developed with an eco-centric mindset. In order to minimize environmental impact, the tabs contain only necessary active ingredients that benefit oral care, and do not contain any harsh chemicals, such as SLS, Triclosan, preservatives, and coloring. We currently offer 2 different formulas: Fluoride-Free Spearmint and Fresh Sea Salt with Natural Fluoride.


MORELOOP is an online platform that curates surplus fabric from large manufacturers and creates an environment whereby local budding textile and fashion designers can purchase fabric at a reasonable price – closing a loop in the fashion industry while extending the lifespan of fabrics to enable economic longevity. Our Thai company embodies our desire to make a circular economy viable and showcases what the concept of sustainability can look like in action.

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